The present disclosure pertains to a system (100) to control appliance associated5 with a space. The system (100) includes an appliance (102), an actuator (104), aset of sensors (106) like thermal sensor grid and a controller (108). The thermalsensor grid is mounted on a ceiling of a space like room, hall, and the likes, wherethe thermal sensor grid can be operatively coupled or interfaced with thecontroller (108). When heat signature associated with an entity is sensed by the10 thermal sensor grid in a pre-defined region of the space, the controller (108)facilitates switching on the appliance (102) like fan, but not limited to the likesautomatically and configured to switch the fan off when no heat signatureassociated with the entity is sensed in the pre-defined region of the space or whenno entity is present in the pre-defined region associated with the appliance (102).


Harshit Sharma, Sheifali Gupta, Vikas Sainin, Aniket Nayak, Rupesh Gupta, Jaskaran Singh, Rohan Sahni, Lakshay Goyal, Mohit Kumar, Deepali Gupta

Patent File Number - 202011046836        Patent File Date - 27/10/2020