System, Method And Device for Preventing Tampering of Automated Teller Machine

The present disclosure provides system 100, method 200 and anti-tampering device 300 for preventing tampering of ATM 101. The system 100 includes: fingerprint locking unit 108 to: scan fingerprints of user, generate first data based on scanning of the fingerprints, store the generated first data in database server 118, and unlock the door to allow the user to access ATM 101; iris scanning unit 110 to: scan iris of at least one eye of the user when the user tries to tamper with ATM 101, generate second data based on the scanning of the iris, and store the generated second data in database server 118; and control unit 106 to: generate non-fatal electric shocks, lock the door when the user still tries to tamper with ATM 101, compare the first data and the second data with predefined unique identity data, and identify the user based on the comparison.


Shalli Rani, Deepak Kumar, Sarvesh Tanwar

Patent File Number - 201911027731        Patent File Date - 10/07/2019