System, Method And Device for Monitoring Wheels of Vehicle

The present disclosure provides system, method and device for monitoring wheels/tyres of vehicle. The system includes: a navigation unit coupled to wheel of vehicle; a communication unit; a circuit breaker unit having a button coupled to wheel and wheel hub of vehicle such that when wheel is fitted tightly to wheel hub then button is in first position to allow flow of current through circuit breaker unit and when wheel is loosened then button is in second position such that flow of current is stopped and first signal is generated; and a control unit configured to: receive the first signal; send, using communication unit, notification message to computing device of user based on receipt of first signal; track, using navigation unit, real-time location of wheel to identify the location of wheel; and send, using navigation unit, data associated with identified location of the wheel to computing device.


Sheifali Gupta, Rupesh Gupta, Aaishwarika Raj Sharma, Nikhil Sharma, Jatin Sharma

Patent File Number - 201911029806        Patent File Date - 23/07/2019