System for Tracking Items Present In A Baggage

A system for tracking items in baggage is disclosed. The system includes a scanner configured with an opening of the baggage for scanning one or more each items being put into the baggage, wherein each of the one or more items is configured with a unique identifier. A processing unit identifies an item being put into the baggage based on the scanned unique identifier of the item, update details of the identified item to a list comprising details of a set of items present inside the baggage, and compare the list with a preconfigured list comprising details of a preconfigured set of items. Based on the comparison when the list fails to match the preconfigured list an alarm signal is generated, and wherein the generated alarm signal is indicative of at least one item of the preconfigured set of items missing from the baggage.


Shalli Rani, Vaishali Bhatia, Cherry Mangla, Richa Sharma, Vishal Verma, Himanshi babbar

Patent File Number - 202011006987        Patent File Date - 18/02/2020