An aspect of the present disclosure provides a system for managing traffic at sharp turn ofroad. The apparatus includes atleast two lanes intersecting with each other to make a sharpturn, wherein the atleast two lanes comprises a first lane and a second lane such that the firstlane and the second lane overlap one another to make the sharp turn. A control unitoperatively coupled with the atleast two set of sensors, the control unit to determine real timepressure based on sense attributes, and compare the determined real time pressure with a pre-defined or configurable threshold pressure, wherein based on comparison when the monitoredpressure is more than or equal to threshold pressure, the control unit generates a controlsignal for corresponding atleast two traffic controlling apparatuses for predefined time period,and wherein when the control signal is generated based on the comparison of the set ofsensed attributes by the first set of sensors with predefined threshold then transmits controlsignal to second traffic controlling apparatus, wherein when the control signal is generatedbased on the comparison of the sensed attributes by the second set of sensors with predefinedthreshold then transmits control signal to first traffic controlling apparatus.


Kalpna Guleria, Sushil Yadav, Anil Verma, Sachin Ahuja

Patent File Number - 202011002856        Patent File Date - 22/01/2020