The present disclosure pertains to a system 100 for recognizing signboard on5 roadside and controlling the speed of the vehicle accordingly. The system 100can include a first image acquisition unit 102 mounted on top of the vehicleand directed towards road ahead to capture a images of the road, a secondimage acquisition unit 104 mounted inside the vehicle 120 to capture imagesof a speedometer coupled in the vehicle. The system 100 can include a10 processing unit 106 configured to extract a signboard indicating a regulationspeed required on the road and real time speed of the vehicle from the images,and alerting the user to reduce speed of the vehicle to the regulating speed.Also, the processing unit 106 actuates at least one actuator 108 to control andmaintain speed of the vehicle according to the extracted regulation speed.


Vijay Kumar, Gurpreet Singh, Ravinder Singh

Patent File Number - 202111019694        Patent File Date - 29/04/2021