System And Method To Convert Waste Heat of A Vehicle Engine Cabin Into Useful Energy

The present invention discloses a system and method to convert waste heat of a vehicle engine cabin into useful energy by using seebeck effect in a peltier module. The system consists of a copper sheet that is installed parallel to the bonnet sheet. Multiple peltier modules are sandwiched between the copper sheet and bonnet sheet. The copper sheet collects diffused heat from the engine that was otherwise wasted and thus act as a hot side for peltier module whereas bonnet sheet acts as a cold side. No extra cooling mechanism is used in this system. This system helps in charging the battery and the energy of the battery is utilized in running the motor (Dynamo) that is further used to run the car. A better fuel efficiency is maintained using this system.


Abhishek Kansal, Divya, Garima Ahuja

Patent File Number - 201611003337        Patent File Date - 29/01/2016