System And Method To Assess And Accredit Response To Augmented Reality (Ar)

The present disclosure provides a system 100 and a method for assessing and accrediting a response to Augmented Reality (AR). The proposed system 100 comprises markers 120, a scanning unit 110, an AR unit 102, an eye-ware 106 and an input unit 108. At least one of the markers 120 is scanned through the scanning unit 110. The AR unit 102 emulates an AR view associated with the scanned markers 120. The eye-ware 106 is configured to display the emulated AR view. A response, corresponding to the emulated AR view, can be generated through the input unit 108. A weighted combination, of one or more response parameters
associated with the generated response, is being calculated. An accreditation report is being generated when the weighted combination exceeds a pre-determined threshold. A warning report is being generated when the weighted combination is less than the pre-determined threshold.


Chander Pratap Singh, Manisha

Patent File Number - 202011010446        Patent File Date - 11/03/2020