System And Method of Automatic Switching Between Antennas for Providing Continuous Cellular Signals

The present disclosure relates to a continuous cellular signal provider device for providing a continuous cellular signal to mobile devices in a communication system. The device 300 includes a first receiver device 304, a microcontroller device 306, a first antenna 308 and a switching device 310. The first receiver device 304 receives a first cellular signal 302-1, 302-
2….. 302-N. The microcontroller device 306 coupled with the first receiver device 304. The microcontroller device 306 determines a first signal strength value associated with the first cellular signal received by the first receiver device. The first antenna 308 communicably coupled with the microcontroller device 306 and a switching device 310. The switching
device 310 switches from the first antenna 308 to second antenna receiving a second cellular signal having a second signal strength value above the threshold signal strength value to provide the continuous cellular signal for mobile devices in communication system.


Sachin Ahuja, Surya Narayan Panda, Huma Naaz, Somanshu Chaudhary

Patent File Number - 201911018653        Patent File Date - 09/05/2019