The present disclosure relates to a system (100) for de-fogging video, the system5 includes a processor (104) operatively coupled to an image capture device (102), theprocessor configured to receive one or more frames of a physical scene, analyze at leastone frame of the one or more frames to extract de-fogging parameters of the at leastone frame, acquire a de-fogged frame by removing fog from at least one frame using ade-fogging filter, compare the extracted de-fogging parameters of the at least one frame10 with consecutive frames to determine correlation, wherein, based on the determinationof correlation of the at least one frame with the consecutive frames, the processor isconfigured to remove fog from the consecutive frames to facilitate in increasing speedof de-fogging the one or more frames.


Isha Kansal, Renu Popli, Nitin Goyal, Geetanjali, Devender Prasad, Dinesh Kumar Singh, Kanwal Garg

Patent File Number - 202111029841        Patent File Date - 02/07/2021