The present disclosure discloses a system and method for transcription of speech of an entity 112 to a text document in his/ her handwriting. First of all, one or more entities 112 are registered in the system 100, and correspondingly an identity (ID) is assigned to each of the entities 112. The system 100 can obtain temporal and auricular attributes, such as, image, voice sample, and handwriting sample, of said entities 112 for facilitating registration of the entities 112. When a registered entity 112 accesses the system 100, the system 100 can sense real-time acoustic signals associated with speech of said entity 112, and can further convert it into a text document having handwriting of said entity 112


Harjeet Singh, Muthukumaran Malarvel, Partha Khanra

Patent File Number - 202011031195        Patent File Date - 21/07/2020