The present disclosure relates to a system for generating electricity bill, the5 system includes a meter unit electrically coupled with an input supply of an areaof interest, and configured to take readings of number of electrical power unitsconsumed by the area of interest and correspondingly generate a first set of datapackets. A processing unit operatively coupled with the meter unit and a server. Amemory associated with the processing unit, for storing instructions which when10 executed causes the processing unit to: receive, from the meter unit a first set ofdata packets. Transform, using a first encryption technique, the first set of datapackets into a second set of data packets pertaining to a first encrypted values ofthe number of electrical power units consumed. Transmit, to the server, thesecond set of data packets.


Ramkumar Ketti Ramachandran, Vaishali Bhatia

Patent File Number - 202011049930        Patent File Date - 17/11/2020