The present disclosure provides a system and a method for reviewing content. The proposedcontent review system 104 receives the content, transmitted by a router 102, and identifies one ormore words selected from the received content based on one or more recognition techniques.One of the recognition techniques involves a comparison of the words of the received contentwith a pre-configured dataset comprising a list of words to be identified out from the content. Inother recognition technique, one or more words are identified from the received content based oninterpretation of a context associated with the received content by using one or more classifiersof a CNN. The identified words are either filtered out, or substituted by some pre-determinedwords. The reviewed content is, then, transmitted to the server 106.


Ashish Gera, Vedanshi Garg, Arina Roy

Patent File Number - 202011004408        Patent File Date - 31/01/2020