System And Method for Providing Real-Time Multimedia Communication Over Communication Channels

The present disclosure provides a system and method for providing real-time multimedia communication over communication channels. The method includes steps of: transmitting, from a transceiver, a set of analog signals corresponding to an input user data over the communication channel; converting, using ADC, the set of analog signals to a corresponding set of digital signals; compressing, using codec unit, the set of digital signals; determining, by a processor, SNR of the communication channel; sensing, by the processor, noise parameters of the communication channel to transmit the determined SNR as feedback to the transceiver; selecting modulation scheme, wherein processor configured to select QPSK modulation scheme with coding rate 1?2 when the determined SNR less than predetermined threshold SNR, and wherein the processor configured to select QAM scheme with coding rate of 3?4 such that threshold bit error rate (BER) range is maintained.


Saira Banu Atham

Patent File Number - 201911040730        Patent File Date - 09/10/2019