A vehicle parking assistance system and method are disclosed. The system may5 obtain one or more attributes pertaining to an upcoming meeting from a calendarapplication associated with a user. Based on the one or more attributes and one ormore user preferences, a search may be performed for a plurality of parkingvenues. The system may be configured to automatically select a parking venuefrom the plurality of parking venues using a first AI engine. A parking slot may be10 reserved at the selected venue for a parking duration. An image processing engine(IPE) may analyse a first set of images of a vehicle associated with the user. Thefirst set of images may be captured at an entry point of the selected venue. TheIPE may also analyse a second set of images of the vehicle which may becaptured at an exit point of the selected venue. A second AI engine may determine15 that exit of the vehicle from the selected venue is authorized based on one or moreoutputs of the IPE. The exit of the vehicle is permitted based on the determiningby the second AI engine.


Amandeep Kaur, I S Sandhu, Sachin Ahuja, Devender Prasad, Ruchi Mittal, Chetna Kaushal, Monika Sethi, Vikas Rattan, Varun Malik

Patent File Number - 202111034740        Patent File Date - 02/08/2021