According to an embodiment, a system for providing emergency medical services isdisclosed. The system includes: one or more processors of a first computing device; and amemory coupled to the one or more processors and comprising a set of instructions embodiedin the memory that are executable by the one or more processors to perform: receiving, froma first user associated with the first computing device, one or more emergency signalsassociated with current physical location of the first computing device; transmitting, throughthe first computing device, the received one or more emergency signals to one or moremedical emergency response vehicles (MERVs) that are located within a predefined range ofdistance from the first user, said one or more MERVs configured to provide one or moremedical emergency services; and receiving, at the first computing device, from each of theone or more MERVs, corresponding current state of availability, current location and natureof emergency service provided of each of the one or more MERVs, wherein, the nearestMERV is selected to be deployed based on location of the first user.


Surya Narayan Panda, Tribhav Goyal, Priyadarshini Pattnaik, Sachin Ahuja, Rajesh Kaushal, Naveen Sharma, Shanu Bhardwaj

Patent File Number - 201911018833        Patent File Date - 10/05/2019