The present disclosure relates to a system for encrypting a document that includes5 an input device, associated with the first user; one or more sensing devicesconfigured with the input device, and configured to sense movement of the inputdevice. The system can receive, from the one or more sensors, a set of first signalspertaining to the sensed movement of the input device, by the first user, withrespect to a surface. Generate a password based on the set of first signals, and the10 password is generated on the basis of one or more coordinates of the surfacewhere the input device is actuated during movement of the input device on thesurface. Receive, from an entity, a set of second signals pertaining to thedocument to be secured for the authorized access. Encrypt the document with thegenerated password, and the encryption of the document with the password.


Kiran Sood, Balamurugan Balusamy, Lakshmana Kumar Ramasamy, Munish Jindal, Nancy Juneja, Rajni Bansal, Monica Gupta

Patent File Number - 202111035008        Patent File Date - 03/08/2021