System And Method for Converting Eeg Signal To Speech

The present disclosure provides a system for converting an EEG signal to speech. The disclosed system can comprise: a processor coupled with a memory, the memory storing instructions executable by the processor to: receive the EEG signal of a first user; process said received EEG signal, wherein said received EEG signal is amplified, and amplified signal is filtered to remove noise signals; convert filtered signal to an audio signal, wherein said filtered signal is compared with one or more pre-defined signals stored in a first database, and wherein each of said one or more pre-defined signals is associated with a corresponding audio signal, and wherein based on comparison said filtered signals is converted to said audio signal.


Surya Narayan Panda, Sachin Ahuja , Shalli Rani, Nancy Masih, Vishal Verma

Patent File Number - 201811048840        Patent File Date - 24/12/2018