The present disclosure provides a system and method for cleaning a board. The systemincludes: a sliding assembly coupled to the board, and having sliding member and cleaningunit coupled to sliding member; an input unit having imaging device configured to receiveinformation associated with the board and generate first set of images associated with theinformation; and a control unit configured to clean, by using the cleaning unit, the board byactivating the sliding assembly; detect, upon generation of the first of images, one or moreobjects in at least one of the first set of images; generate, by the control unit, metadataassociated with at least one of the detected objects to extract a query image from the first setof images based on the metadata; and clean, by using the cleaning unit, based on extraction ofthe query image, the board.


Virender Kadyan, Rishabh Sharma, Girish Kumar, Santosh Kumar Verma

Patent File Number - 201911039604        Patent File Date - 30/09/2019