The present disclosure relates to a system for augmented reality-based learning, the system including: an image capturing device (108) configured to obtain one or more images of a physical scene. A processor (104) is configured to: receive, from the image capturing device, one or more images of the physical scene; analyse, the received images to track a position of the plurality of elements; analyse, upon interaction of any two or more of the plurality of elements, a resultant attribute of interaction of the corresponding any two or more vector attributes; render, onto a rendering platform, a three-dimensional virtual overlay corresponding to the one or more images of the physical scene. The processor is configured to display, on the rendered three-dimensional visual overlay, an augmented image pertaining to the interaction of the any two or more elements.


Shubham Gargrish, Bhanu Sharma, Narinder Pal Singh, Deeptiprit Kaur, Archana Mantri

Patent File Number - 202011033693        Patent File Date - 06/08/2020