System And Method for Assessing Vulnerability of Wireless Sensor Network

The present disclosure provides a system and a method for assessing vulnerability of a wireless sensor network (WSN). The proposed network vulnerability assessment system 100 is incorporated in the network, to maintain, a predetermined transmission information associated with flow of set of data packets among nodes 106 of the network. The processing unit 102 of the system 100 facilitates extraction, from the nodes 106, of a set of data packets from the nodes 106 of the network, where the set of data packets corresponds to a data packet transmission information across the nodes 106. The extracted set of data packets is compared with the maintained predetermined transmission information associated with the flow of set of data packets to determine a set of traffic parameters associated with the received second set of data packets, and in response to the determined set of traffic parameters, determine corresponding vulnerability status of the network.


Jasminder Kaur Sandhu, Anil Kumar Verma, Luxmi Sapra, Varun Sapra, Sachin Ahuja

Patent File Number - 202011009764        Patent File Date - 06/03/2020