The present disclosure pertains to a system and device for structural monitoring of sculptures.The system 100 includes a computing device 104 configured with a modeling module, where themodeling module is configured to design models of the one or more sculptures based on capturedone or more images of the one or more sculptures, a network analyzer (NA) 106 operativelycoupled with the computing device 104 and configured to analyze scattered parameters of thedesigned models, and correspondingly generate a first set of signals, a spectral device 108operatively coupled with the network analyzer 106 and the computing device 104 and configuredto determine spectral components of the one or more sculptures and correspondingly generate asecond set of signals. The computing device 104 includes a processing unit 104-1 operativelycoupled with the NA 106 and the spectral device 108 and configured to generate a set of alertsignals based on the received first set of signals and the second set of signals.


Debarshi Ghosh, Nitin Saluja, Nitika Dhingra, Varinder S Kanwar, Chanpreet Singh

Patent File Number - 202011033544        Patent File Date - 05/08/2020