The present disclosure relates to a surveillance system for infection protection. The system 100includes a set of sensors 102, a processing unit 106 and a computing device 104. The set ofsensors 102 is configured to sense parameters associated with the first entity, andcorrespondingly generate a first set of signals. The processing unit 106 is operatively coupledwith the first set of sensors 102, and configured to extract second set of signals from the first setof signals, where the second set of signals pertain to location and position parameters associatedwith the entity, compare the extracted location, and position parameters with a first data set, andgenerate a set of alarm signals when at least one of the extracted location, and positionparameters are beyond the predefined limit ranges. The computing device 104 communicativelycoupled with the processing unit 106 and the set of sensors 102,and is configured to receive theset of alarm signals from the processing unit 106.


Ashish Gera

Patent File Number - 202011023692        Patent File Date - 05/06/2020