The present disclosure describes about a sterilizing apparatus 100.The sterilizing apparatus 100is used for chopping boards. The apparatus 100 includes a heating source 104, steam sourcecoupled with a valve 102 and one or more lamps 108 inside the apparatus 100, and are operatedby a control unit 106. The valve 102 operated by the control unit 106 allows the steam insidethe apparatus 100. The control unit 106 is configured such that the steam source, the heatingsource 104 and the lamps 108 are operated for a predetermined time inside the apparatus 100to kill the bacteria and infectants of the chopping board.


Shalli Rani, Mohit Kapoor, Sushil Kalra, Sachin Bhogal, Adish Singh, Richa Sharma

Patent File Number - 202011018805        Patent File Date - 02/05/2020