Sterilizing And Sanitizing System for Objects

The present disclosure pertain to a sterilizing system for objects. The system includes a first set of sensors configured to detect one or more objects, and correspondingly generate a first set of signals a screening, and disinfecting unit, configured to scan one or more luggage parameters associated with the one or more objects, and correspondingly generate a second set of signals a sterilizing unit, a sanitizing unit and a processing unit. The processing unit is configured to extract a third set of signals from the first set of signals, and a fourth set of signals from the second set of signals, and generate, and transmit a set of control signals based on the extracted third set of signals, to any or a combination of the screening, and disinfecting unit, the sterilizing unit, and the sanitizing unit, to perform scanning, sterilization, and
sanitization of the one or more objects.


Anshuman Lal, Charu Khosla, Sachin Ahuja

Patent File Number - 202011022304        Patent File Date - 26/05/2020