A device (100) for analyzing soil in real time is disclosed, the device (100)5 includes a set of sensors (204) configured to detect a plurality of attributes such asNitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, and the likes of soil. The device (100)includes a display unit (104) configured to display values of the plurality ofattributes received from the set of sensors (204), and a processing unit (208)configured to received values from the set of sensors (204), compare the received10 values with pre-stored threshold values and accordingly determining one or moresoil characteristics which are displayed on the display unit (104) in real-time.Also, the device (100) provide and display recommendations related to soilfertility to assist a user for planting crops.


Harminder Jit Singh, H.K. Sidhu, Maninder Jit Singh Khanna, Nishant Kumar Pathak

Patent File Number - 202111032678        Patent File Date - 20/07/2021