Smart Gas Stove With Control System And Method for Controlling Gas Flow

The present disclosure relates to a gas appliance, and more specifically, to a smart gas stove 100 with control system and method for controlling gas flow and disconnecting the burner automatically in case of liquid spillage and gas leakage.The smart gas stove 100 includes at least one tray 102 which positioned under one or more burners 112-1, 112-2, 112-3 and 112-4
of the smart gas stove. The tray includes one or more valves 104-2, 104-2, 104-3 and 104-4 10 associated with each of one or more burners, at least one gas leakage detector 108, and a microcontroller 106. The microcontroller 106 operatively coupled with the one or more valves and the gas leakage detector 108. The gas leakage detector detects gas leakage in a proximity area of the burner selected from the one or more burners and triggers the microcontroller to control and restrict a gas flow to the burner.


Virender Kadyan, Puneet Bawa, Santosh Kumar Verma

Patent File Number - 201911032260        Patent File Date - 08/08/2019