The present disclosure provides a smart cradle 100 for monitoring infant, wherein5 the cradle 100 includes a bassinet 102 and a frame assembly 104, wherein theframe assembly 104 provides support to the bassinet 102 which holds the infant.The cradle 100 includes first set of sensors 106, at least one imaging unit 108, andmicrophones 110 to detect the various parameters associated with the infant, and aprocessing unit 206 configured to receive, extract and compare the extracted10 parameters with the predefined limit ranges. The first set sensors 106 detectsound parameter of the infant and actuate one or more operations to assist theinfant automatically, such as rocking of bassinet, playing music, patting, androtating rattles. The cradle 100 establishes communication with the one or moremobile computing devices associated with the parents to transmit real time images15 and videos of the infant.


Reetu Malhotra, Isheta Bansal

Patent File Number - 202011049517        Patent File Date - 12/11/2020