A smart braking system is disclosed which includes a control unit comprising aprocessor which is configured to communicably connect to one 5 or more sensorswhich may be electrically coupled to a first vehicle to determine a real-time speedof wheels of the first vehicle, determine a real-time force exerted on a brake pedalcoupled to the first vehicle, detect in real-time one or more second vehiclespresent at a predefined distance with respect to the first vehicle and actuate one or10 more valves coupled to a braking system configured in the first vehicle based onthe determined real-time speed, the determined real-time force and the real-timedetection of the one or more second vehicles to prevent collision between the firstvehicle and the one or more second vehicles.15


Sagar Juneja, Chanpreet Singh, Kritika Kapoor

Patent File Number - 202011054149        Patent File Date - 12/12/2020