A drying apparatus 100 for drying one or more objects is disclosed. The disclosed apparatus 100 includes a frame 102 adapted to accommodate said one or more 5 objects, and a shield 112 detachably coupled with the frame 102 to protect said accommodated one or more objects. The apparatus includes a set of sensors 122 configured with the apparatus 100 to detect one or more meteorological attributes. A processing unit 202 configured for receiving weather conditions through the set of sensors 122, and upon detecting a severe weather actuates at least one actuator 10 118 to transform the shield 112 from a folded state to deployed state to protect the one or more objects accommodated on the frame 102. The apparatus 100 enables rotation of the frame 102 that enables each of the one or more objects accommodated on the frame 102 to get sunlight and air from all the directions


Renu Popli, Isha Kansal, Nitin Goyal, Kanwal Garg, Shalli Rani, Rajeev Kumar, Geetanjali

Patent File Number - 202111018493        Patent File Date - 21/04/2021