The present disclosure pertains to safety system for food processing appliance.5 The system (100) includes a first set of sensors (102), a second set of sensors(104), a controller (106), a driving unit (108), and one or more actuators (110).The first set of sensors (102), and the second set of sensors (104) can beconfigured at a pre-determined position of the food processing appliance anddetects a first member and a second member on pre-defined position. The10 controller (106) is configured to match the pre-defined position andcorrespondingly enables in actuating the driving unit (108) by turning on the atleast one of the one or more actuators (110). The controller (106) is configured toactuate the driving unit (108) only when both the first set of sensors (102) and thesecond set of sensors (104) identifies the first member and the second member at15 appropriate position.


Gurpreet Singh, Vijay Kumar, Ravinder Singh

Patent File Number - 202111024774        Patent File Date - 03/06/2021