The present disclosure provides a reconfigurable audio output assembly (100)5 comprising a wearable housing (106) configured to accommodate one or moreaudio output devices. The assembly (100) also comprises one or moreconnectors (102) configured to engage/disengage the one or more audio outputdevices with one or more slots of an electronic computing device andcommunicatively couple a processing unit of the electronic computing device10 with the audio output devices. The one or more connectors are coupled to anactuator configured to receive user inputs for engaging/disengaging of theassembly. The assembly (100) further comprises a communication unit (104)including one or more transceivers, configured to transmitelectric/electromagnetic signals pertaining audio signals through wired or15 wireless modes from the processing unit of the electronic computing device tothe audio output devices. The assembly (100) enables the audio output devices tooperate in wearable and non-wearable modes of configurations and facilitatesone or more power sources to provide electric power to the audio output devicesand the communication unit (104).


Tarandeep Kaur Bhatia, Arshdeep Singh

Patent File Number - 202111024773        Patent File Date - 03/06/2021