The present disclosure provides a device (100) for reconfiguration and control of5 analog display unit. The device (100) includes one or more input ports (102)adapted to receive one or more portable multimedia storage. The device (100)couples one or more output channels (104) with an analog display unit. Thedevice (100) includes one or more adapters (106) configured to receive a set ofhigh definition digital multimedia signals from the one or more portable10 multimedia storage and generate a set of analog audio-visual signals. Acontroller (110) activates the one or more adapters (106) based on user inputs.One or more input keys (108) are configured to receive a set of input signalspertaining to selection of a first set of predefined functionalities of the device(100). The controller (110) is enabled to perform a first set of operations on the15 selected digital multimedia files and transmit the analog audio-visual signals tothe one or more output channels (104).


Amandeep Kaur, Sachin Ahuja, Meenu Khurana

Patent File Number - 202111029221        Patent File Date - 29/06/2021