Real Time Communication Device for Speech Impaired Person

The inventors of the present invention have developed a real time communication device for speech impaired person that allows them to communicate normally. The inventors have used dry electrode EEG sensors that convert the brain beta waves into graphical form in real time. Thus graphical waves developed by EEG sensors are compared with the similar waves generated by the electric wave generator using Comparator. The required signals are extracted from the comparator and fed after amplification to voice synthesizer that decode the brain signals into normal voice. The output is broadcasted in the form of sound waves using speakers. The conversion of brain signals and then processing that signals into audible voice all this process is done in real time. Thus device designed is a real time communication device that is very light in weight and easy to carry.


Sonanshu, Trinkush Singla, Sachin Ahuja

Patent File Number - 201611006889        Patent File Date - 29/02/2016