The present invention disclose a novel process for phytoremediation on decolourization of two dyes Congo red and malachite green which are not only toxic but also carcinogenic. Nephthytis is used as a bio pump which treats harmful dye wastes from the water. Hydroponically grown Nephthytis treats the Congo red and malachite green waste water in different concentrations. Hydroponics technique provides extra oxygen and growth as compared to traditional soil gardening methods and phytoremediation by Nephthytis provides an easy and eco-friendly method for water cleaning. The process of present invention provides an economic benefit by intensively recycling and beautifying the environment as Nephthytis is also used as an ornamental plant.


Jyotsna Kaushal, Pooja Mahajan

Patent File Number - 201611015017        Patent File Date - 29/04/2016