The present disclosure relates to a priority determining system for elevator. The system 100includes an image acquisition unit 102 to capture one or more images, a processing unit 106operatively coupled with the image acquisition unit, and configured to detect one or more entitiesfrom the captured one or more images, extract a set of features from each of the detected one ormore entities, compare the extracted set of features with a data set, where the data set includespredefined priority of the each detected one or more entities, identifies at least one of the entityamong the one or more entities based on the predefined priority, anda control unit 104operativelycoupled with the processing unit 106, where the control unit 104 facilitates in movement of theelevator in response to the priority based selection of the at least one or more entities.


Ashok Kumar, Sachin Ahuja, Nitin Goyal

Patent File Number - 202011025947        Patent File Date - 19/06/2020