The inventors of the present invention have developed a portable and user friendly system that can be used to establish identity of an individual by means of multimodal input i.e. digital photograph, finger print, QR code or iris scan. Any one of the given input is able to establish the identity of the given person. The system is provided with an interface that can be connected to the database of any Government, Public or private organization database and identifies the given person. The Human Recognition System of present invention has a user friendly interface that uses big data analytics for retrieval of information from the database. The device is capable of providing information about the nearby dispensary or hospital where the person can be taken in case of emergency by using GSM module.


Satyam Dhiman, Vikram Mangla, Harmandeep Basra, Arzoo Dhiman

Patent File Number - 3134/DEL/2015        Patent File Date - 30/09/2015