The device consists of a light source, diffraction grating, camera, lens, microprocessor and a display screen. The sample solution is placed inside the instrument in a cuvette, next to a light source. A diffraction grating is placed between the sample and the detector so that a highly specific spectrum is generated when light passes through the sample and the grating. A camera collects the images of the spectrum of test samples. The images are analysed using a computer software program stored in a microprocessor. A readable output in the form of a graph, on a display screen is generated and compared with the already fed standard values to generate results. The device thus allows the quantitative as well as qualitative measurement of impurities like urea detergents, vegetable oil, pesticides etc present in milk in real time.


Jyotsna Kaushal, Pooja Mahajan, Praney Madan, Aakash Kapasia, Parikshit Bansal

Patent File Number - 2718/DEL/2015        Patent File Date - 31/08/2015