A portable beverage preparing device is provided. The device comprises a lower tank and anupper tank. The lower tank comprises a brewing unit and the upper tank is removablymounted on the lower tank. The upper tank comprises a first section for holding water, asecond section for holding milk. A second section is physically separate from the first section.A third section holds sugar and tea leaves in separate compartments. A vertical pipe isattached to an inner surface of the upper tank with an opening in each of the sections. Thewater from the first section, the milk from the second section and any or a combination of thesugar and tea leaves held in the separate compartments from the third section respectively aredispensed into the vertical pipe, and passed down from the vertical pipe to the mounted lowertank for brewing and preparing the beverage


Rishabh Sharma, Huma Naz, Sachin Ahuja

Patent File Number - 202011033977        Patent File Date - 07/08/2020