The present disclosure relates to a pollution monitoring device for heavy duty and lightweight vehicles. The device 100 can include a first set of sensors 102 configured to detecta first set of parameters of a vehicle, and correspondingly generate a first set of signals, asecond set of sensors 104 to detect a second set of parameters of the vehicle, andcorrespondingly generate a second set of signals ,a processing unit 106 operativelycoupled with the first set of sensors 102 and the second set of sensors 104 and configuredto generate a set of alarm signals and one or more illuminating devices 108 operativelycoupled with the processing unit 106, where at least one of the one or more illuminatingdevices 108 is illuminated in response to the generated set of alarm signals.


Atul Garg, Kamali Gupta, Mohit Bansal, Nidhi Bansal,

Patent File Number - 202011028228        Patent File Date - 02/07/2020