The present disclosure pertains to a plasmonic based photo detector (100) for5 enhancement of light absorption. The photo detector (1000 includes a substrate(108), a first layer (106) configured on top of the substrate (108), where the firstlayer (106) is made up of a first material with predefined number of trapezoidalshaped nano particles, a second layer (102) configured on top of the first layer(106), where the second layer (102) is made up of a second material with10 predefined number of triangular shaped nanograting particles. The second layer(102) is configured with an aperture of predefined wavelength, where the aperturefacilitates enhancing light transmission to the substrate (108), and where the photodetector (100) facilitate achieving a high light absorption enhancement factor(LAEF). The first material is made up of silver and the second material is made up15 of crystalline silicon.


Savita Kashyap, Rahul Pandey, Jaya Madan, Rajnish Sharma

Patent File Number - 202011043679        Patent File Date - 07/10/2020