Phytosome Based Hepato-Targeted Synergistic Polyherbal formulation for Treatment of Liver Disorder And Method Thereof

The present invention discloses a phytosome based hepato-targeted synergistic polyherbal formulation for treatment of liver disorder and method thereof. Present hepato-targeted synergistic polyherbal formulation is specific for liver disorders. Bioavalibility of phytosomes is increased by binding the lactobionic acid with phytosomes and are further coated with different polymers to extend the drug release time. Biosorption of hepato-targeted synergistic polyherbal formulation is increased by decreasing its overall size (1061 µm). The percent yield of spray coated, lactobionic acid-phytosomes is 93.9 ± 0.2 and drug loading capacity is 101.9 ± 0.2. The herbal formulation is water soluble thus is stable and have better entrapment efficiency The present spray coated-lactobionic acid-phytosomes have the extended release time (95% after 18hrs). The bioavailability, biosorption, stability and effectiveness of the present invention is very high as compared to the existing phytosomes and can be used in widespread application in pharmaceutical industries, for treatment of liver disorders.


Sandeep Arora

Patent File Number - 201811024990        Patent File Date - 04/07/2018