The present disclosure provides a pest trapper drone apparatus. The disclosed apparatus canincludea camera for capturing atleast one image of an area in vicinity of the apparatus,acontrol unit operatively coupled with the camera, the control unit configured to extract one ormore attributes from the captured atleast one image wherein one or more attributes pertainingto information associated with a pest.Select a first set of attributes from the extracted one ormore attributes to determine the pest in the captured image, and a second set of attributes areselected from the extracted one or more attributes to determine position of the pest on asurface,generate one or more control signals for navigating the apparatus from an initialposition to a position in vicinity of the detected pest to facilitate trapping operation by theapparatus.


Megha Bhushan, Ashok Kumar, Salim Ul Islam Mir, Resham Arya, Piyush Samant, Rajesh Kumar

Patent File Number - 202011002862        Patent File Date - 22/01/2020