The present disclosure pertains to a pest detection and warning system (100) to be5 installed in land. The system (100) includes a set of image sensors (102)configured to capture images of said land, a first set of sensors (104) configured todetect one or more sounds from the land, an alert unit (106) for producing audioalert to irritate one or more entities such as pest, grasshopper, katydid, and locusto repel from the land. A controller (108) is configured to identify the one or more10 entities from the captured images and facilitates in actuation of the first set ofsensors (104) to sense one or more sound frequencies from the land, and enablesthe alert unit (106) to produce the audio alert. Also, the controller (108) notifiesauthorized person regarding the presence of one or more entities in the land totake necessary actions.


Priyanka Datta, Dimple Nagpal, Shanu Bhardwaj, Surya Narayan Panda

Patent File Number - 202111024426        Patent File Date - 01/06/2021