The inventors have designed a light weight, adjustable, waterproof and eco-friendly wearable gadget to make women feel safe and secure. It includes a three button triggering system, an alarm, a camera recorder, tracking system and emergency voice call/message system Therefore a control unit, RF receiver and transmitter, a video recording system, GSM and GPS system, cloud computing system, siren system, self-defense (pepper spray), switching and triggering system are essential components of the gadget. Pressing first button allows pepper spray to leak from the container and help the user to escape. On press of second button, the pre-recorded voice call/messages along with person’s location is send to the helpline (1091), also to the authenticated guardian or friend and the video starts recording and is transmitted over cloud for future help in investigation. A siren starts to blow thus, alerting the nearby people for immediate help.


Vidyotma Gandhi, Amitoj Singh, Nagma Khattar, Stuti, Stuti Kashyap

Patent File Number - 201611037969        Patent File Date - 07/11/2016