A cost effective, light weight and robust safety device invented for women although the same can be worn by males also which is capable to generate a distress signal and transmitting the user coordinates to the nearest control station in the range of 20 km upon being activated by a user by making predefined gesture pattern of the finger in air in an emergency situation. GPS, radio frequency network module, a processor, sensors and a gesture generating circuitry is embedded within the device. The generated gesture pattern also acts as cancellation gesture. The device need not connect wirelessly with mobile handset in order to transmit the distress signal. The device can trigger the distress signal in case someone forcefully takes the device out of victim’s finger, thus reducing its chances of theft.


Prateek Srivastava, Prerna Mehtani, Nitin Saluja

Patent File Number - 201711007428        Patent File Date - 02/03/2017