Oral Dosage form for Sustained Release of Curcumin

The present invention relates to an oral dosage form for sustained release of curcumin comprising chitosan and montmorillonite polymer in specific ratios, as the excipients. In the present formulation, a novel mix of chitosan and MMT in optimal ratios of 1:1 is used to formulate a tablet which gave sustained release of 83% for more than 8 hours. Curcumin was used as the therapeutic agent. With suitable modifications by those skilled in the art, the system of present invention can easily be used with any poorly water soluble drugs viz. acelofenac, meloxicam, celcoxib, glimerpride, glibeclamide, gliclazide, ezetimibe, valsartan, telmisartan, carvedilol etc.


Inderbir Singh , Garima Thakur

Patent File Number - 3011/DEL/2014        Patent File Date - 21/10/2014