Novel Dehydrated Fat Free Marinade for Meats And Veg And Method Thereof.

A novel, fat free dehydrated marinade for meats and vegetables is made which combines best features of a dry rub and marinades as a “two-in-one product”. It consists of puree of raw onion, fresh tomato and fresh garlic; red chili powder, black pepper powder, lemon juice, lemon zest (outer skin), fresh ripe papaya puree and salt mixed in specific ratios followed by dehydration. The invention for the first time discloses use of ripe papaya as a rich source of enzymes in a marinade. The marinade can be used directly as a solid powder that is coated on the food or some water can be added to it to instantly make a liquid marinade that is brushed or sprayed on the food.


Mansi Chitkara, Rajnit Kohli, I S Sandhu, Didar Singh, Rakesh Kumar Sindhu, Rohit Agnish

Patent File Number - 201711007084        Patent File Date - 28/02/2017