The present invention discloses a novel anti-epileptic compound which is very effective in treating refractory epilepsy. Though pathophysiology of epilepsy is well understood and a number of drugs are available in the market but still the existing antiepileptic drugs are not effective, cannot cure refractory epilepsy, have side effects, are not economical and have failed to cure the epilepsy completely. The inventors have addressed the above problems in a very innovative manner by providing a compound Diethyl dithiocarbamic acid sodium salt trihydrate (DDA) and its effective dose (75-150 mg/kg) which can cure refractory epilepsy. The said compound acts at molecular level and leads to cure refractory epilepsy by inhibiting transcriptional factor kappa- B (NF-?B). The NF-?B regulates the induction of genes involved in seizures and epilepsy (status epilepticus condition). The said compound can be given to the patients in any dosage form such as tablets, syrups, sustained release capsules etc.


Thakur Gurjeet Singh, Shareen Singh, Ashish Kumar Rehni, Sonia Dhiman

Patent File Number - 201811020489        Patent File Date - 31/05/2018