Neuronal Cells Produced From Non-Neuronal Cell Line And Method Thereof

The present invention discloses neuronal cells derived from a non-neuronal, murine (mouse) cell line C3H10T1/2 and a method of producing such cells in culture, using walnut oil as the neural induction agent in the concentration range of 0.003% When treated with cold-pressed walnut oil under standard culture conditions of 37 degree Celsius temperature and 5% carbon dioxide atmosphere, the cultured monolayer of mesenchymal cell differentiates into neuronal cells within 3 days of treatment. Neuron morphology is confirmed by Cresyl violet acetate staining. The neuronal cells remain viable for approximately 7 days. The method is easy and cost-effective.


Varsha Singh

Patent File Number - 3770/DEL/2015        Patent File Date - 18/11/2015